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Local Pool Inspection Tucker GA

Pool Inspector for Tucker GA

tucker ga pool technicianMost residents have probably unknowingly seen one of the highly qualified pool inspectors from Atlanta Pool Inspection around Tucker, GA. Atlanta Pool Inspection is a highly trusted and favorite company that works directly with homeowners, realtors, and home inspectors throughout the Tucker, GA area located within DeKalb County. Tucker, GA and the surrounding area have many beautiful homes graced with custom pools. When considering whether to purchase one of these homes, give Atlanta Pool Inspection a call. Our pool expert will provide an unbiased and thorough inspection regarding the condition of the pool, related equipment and surrounding area near the pool to ensure everything is safe and in proper working order. At the completion of the inspection, a detailed report is generated to inform potential buyers as to which repairs would be needed before buying the property. Set up a swimming pool inspection today by speaking with our professional pool inspector at (470) 380-3245.

 About Tucker GA

Tucker GA – Located in DeKalb County, Tucker is home to a recently multi-million dollar renovated Main Street. During the summer, cyclists complete a weekly 42-mile Tucker Ride through the city. Tucker was recently incorporated into a city in late 2015 and has a population of nearly 28,000 people. Residents in Tucker GA have most likely crossed paths with our Atlanta pool inspector. Traveling along U.S. Route 29 to Brockett Road or Henderson Road, along Chamblee Tucker Road or Old Norcross Road, our expert pool inspector visits custom pools all throughout Tucker.

Thorough Pool Inspection Included a Detailed Report

pool tech working in tucker gaA swimming pool is a popular amenity that is popular with people of all ages. Not only does a pool increase a home’s value, it also provides a gathering place for families to create unforgettable memories. This enjoyment can be diminished, however, should the pool system fail in some way. Homebuyers can avoid this situation by setting up an appointment with Atlanta Pool Inspection. We will send out a highly experienced and qualified pool inspector that will look at all aspects of the pool to ensure that everything is working properly, before you commit to a housing contract. Once this inspection is conducted, you can rest easy knowing that the pool will provide you with endless hours of fun, exercise, and memories for many years to come.

Realtors and general home inspectors working in the Tucker area will often call independent pool experts to visit homes during a pending sale. Once on-site, our inspector will conduct a complete assessment of all aspects of your pool, related equipment and surrounding area. These extremely thorough inspections include chemical and salt levels of the water, filters, heaters, pool lights, pool interiors, pipes, drains, timers, decking, cleaning systems, and more. Once complete, all of this information is provided in a detailed report that can be sent to all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

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Unbiased Pool Inspection Service

Another added benefit that Atlanta Pool Inspection provides to the Tucker area is an unbiased pool inspection. Our company is concerned with conducting a thorough pool inspection and preparing a report that details any problem areas to the potential homeowner. Atlanta Pool Inspection does not perform any heavy-duty repairs. Other companies that offer “inspections” will also offer major pool repairs, but this often leads to a conflict of interest and upselling to more expensive repairs that the homeowner would not need. Our company prides itself on being fair to everyone involved and is happy to provide a non-biased service to homeowners. Our report indicates the condition of the pool and will define any problem areas, what the potential causes were, as well as the general costs associated with correcting any of these problems.

Works with Tucker Realtors & Home Inspectors

Working with Tucker, GA real estate agents and home inspectors is something we truly enjoy at Atlanta Pool Inspection. Our inspections help to make real estate transactions run more smoothly for all involved. Often, pools are not included in a basic home inspection. This is where our experts come into play and will provide the homeowner with as much information as possible on the pool area. Our company is available even during time sensitive home transactions and will make our schedule fit your needs. Many home inspectors throughout Tucker GA routinely refer their clients to us so give us a call for all your pool inspection needs and we’ll be happy to assist.

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