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Roswell GA pool tech full serviceYour realtor or Roswell GA neighbors may have told you about Atlanta Pool Inspection and their favorite pool inspector. You also may have unknowingly crossed paths with our pool inspector when traveling on Crabapple Rd, Woodstock Rd, Jones Rd, Pine Grove Rd, Holcomb Bridge Rd, or Hembree Rd! To choose the premier pool inspection expert in the Roswell GA Area, call Atlanta Pool Inspection at (470) 380-3245.

Roswell GA has many luxurious neighborhoods and homes with custom pools, including Brookfield Country Club, Estates of Chimney Lakes, Chatham Park, Lake Charles Plantation, Lakeside at Ansley, Laurian Park, The Reserve at Mabry, Azalea Point, Devereux Downs, Magnolia Walk, Grace Hill, and Garrison Oaks. Before purchasing any of these properties with pools, an expert pool inspector should check the pool system for any deficiencies. A pool inspection report is prepared that reflects any issues that need to be addressed before closing on a home.

Roswell GA is in Fulton County and has a population of about 93,692. This is the eighth largest city in Georgia, and it was named for Roswell King, an American businessman who founded the Roswell Manufacturing Company. Jeff Foxworthy, a well-loved comedian, has been a frequent visitor of the Southern Skillet, one of the bars in Roswell.

Expert Pool Inspection & Detailed Report

Pool tech checking pool cracks in Norcross GAA pool is a favorite amenity that boosts the value of a home and provides the perfect setting for memorable times with family and friends. The enjoyment of a pool can be disrupted, if unexpected problems arise. Before purchasing a home with a pool in Roswell GA, be sure our expert pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection has given you an accurate assessment of the pool’s current condition.

An on-site pool inspection by our experienced pool inspector is typically arranged by the homeowner, realtor, or home inspector. During an inspection, the pool’s current condition is fully assessed. Decking, attached spas, and equipment and automation are all checked in an inspection.

Besides doing a complete walk-around of the pool area during a general pool inspection, all equipment is tested. A systematic pool inspection is done on every component of the pool, including spa blowers, safety risks, loose fittings, plumbing, electrical components, gates, coping, pool lights, pipes that could be broken or leaking, enclosures, filters, heaters, the pool interior, decks, pool tile, drains, chemical and salt levels, and timers. There could be more features that need to be checked out on a unique pool system, and all are included in the inspection.

Once an inspection is completed, a written pool inspection report is prepared and sent to all parties authorized to receive it. Pool inspection report findings may include information about excessive wear and tear or faulty equipment. Most problem issues identified in an inspection are not evident with a casual walk-around of the pool area. Each pool issue is monetized, so that interested parties can see the estimated costs of needed repairs. When requested, our Roswell GA pool inspector also provides helpful advice and referrals.

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Un-Biased Pool Inspection in the Roswell GA area

We provide non-biased pool inspections at Atlanta Pool Inspection, which may be one of the reasons home inspectors and realtors in and around Roswell GA frequently recommended our pool inspector to their clients. The only two matters our pool inspector is concerned with during an inspection are performing an accurate assessment of all pool components and preparing a detailed report that reflects the findings. Other companies claim to be inspection companies and yet also provide major pool repairs. This is a conflict of interest and is naturally associated with upselling. Our fair service gives peace of mind to all parties involved in a home sale transaction.

Have Your Realtor or Home Inspector Call Atlanta Pool Inspection

At Atlanta Pool Inspection, we find it a joy to work with real estate agents and home inspectors to smooth the process of finalizing home sales transactions. We believe homebuyers benefit greatly from knowing everything they can about the home they are planning to buy. A mistake frequently made is that homeowners wrongly assume that home inspectors also check the pool. It is not unusual for us to be called upon for a rush pool inspection so that the pool’s condition can be known by all parties before closing on a home. Many home inspectors in the Roswell GA area routinely refer their clients to our pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection.

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