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Pool Inspector Atlanta and Dunwoody GA area

Professional Pool Inspection in Dunwoody, Georgia

Your Local Pool Inspector in the Dunwoody GA area

pool inspector in dunwoody looks at pool pumpHave you heard about the experienced pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection from your realtor or neighbors in Dunwoody GA? Many people have. Our pool inspector is frequently traveling Mt Vernon Rd, Robert Dr, Womack Rd, Tilly Mill Rd, and more, providing reliable, expert pool inspection services. If you want the premier pool inspector in Dunwoody GA, call Atlanta Pool Inspection at (470) 380-3245.

There are unique, lovely pools in lush residential areas throughout Dunwoody GA, including such neighborhoods as Alden Point, Ashworth Manor, Chestnut Ridge, Dunwoody Heights, Happy Hollow Estates, Mount Vernon Lakes, Pine Forest, Valley View, Spalding Lakes, Woodsong, Saint Andrews Circle, Evergreen, and more. Before closing on residential property that has a pool or spa, an expert pool inspection needs to be done. Our fully qualified pool inspector provides buyers with assurance that their pool system is either in good working order or provides information about specific repairs needed before buying the home.

Dunwoody GA in DeKalb County has been incorporated only since 2008 and yet it has several significant historic sites representing previous centuries. The population is about 46,267. The name “Dunwoody” is derived from a misspelling. The town is named after Major Charles Dunwoody, a Confederate soldier. Porsche Cars North America, Inc.’s American corporate offices are located in Dunwoody. Also headquartered in the city is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, located in the Perimeter Center.

Expert Pool Inspection and Detailed Report

checking pool equipment pool inspection in dunwoody gaWhen homebuyers in Dunwoody GA are looking for a home to buy, a pool is a favorite amenity they hope for. Swimming pools provide an excellent gathering place for friends, family, exercise, and fun. The benefits and pleasure of having a pool are hindered when the pool is not working properly or is unsafe, however. By hiring our expert pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection before buying a home, homebuyers avoid the unpleasant experience of facing unexpected costs. Our honest assessments are dependable and fair to all parties concerned.

In most cases, a home inspector, realtor, or homeowner schedules an on-site pool inspection with our fully qualified pool inspector. The pool’s current condition is thoroughly assessed, which includes an inspection of attached spas, decking, and pool equipment and automation.

A general inspection includes testing of all components of the pool system and a complete walk-around of the pool area. The systematic inspection includes safety risks, drains, loos fittings, spa blowers, chemical and salt levels, the pool interior, broken or leaking pipes, gates, coping, pool lights, plumbing or electrical problems, and more.

After the pool inspection has been completed, a written report is prepared and sent to all authorized parties. If there is broken equipment, excessive wear and tear, or other deficiencies, they are detailed in the findings. A casual walk-through is usually not adequate to identify all existing problems. Another step after completion of the report is that problems which have been identified are monetized. Upon a homeowner’s request, referrals and advice are shared.

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Have Your Realtor or Home Inspector Call Atlanta Pool Inspection

We truly enjoy working with real estate agents in Dunwoody, knowing that our pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection provides a service that helps to smooth the home-buying process. We always advise homebuyers to learn all they can about a home before buying. Home inspections are routinely conducted before sale of a home. Sometimes homeowners and homebuyers mistakenly think the basic home inspection includes the pool system. We are frequently called upon to perform a rush pool inspection because the sale of a home is complete except for verifying the current condition of the pool. Home inspectors in Dunwoody often refer clients to Atlanta Pool Inspection because our experienced pool inspector provides reliable services.

Un-Biased Pool Inspection in the Dunwoody GA area

Our local pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection provides a non-biased service. We do not offer major repairs because recommending such repairs can be considered a conflict of interest and upselling. Unlike other “pool inspection companies,” our goal is twofold: First, provide an accurate assessment of the current condition of the pool; and, second, detail problem issues in an un-biased report that details any repairs that may be needed. When major pool repairs are required, the homeowner customarily has them fixed prior to closing on the sale of the home. Many homebuyers have had a positive experience with their new home and pool and have gained peace of mind because of services provided by our reliable pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection.

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