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Premier Pool Inspection Canton GA

Your Local Pool Inspector in the Canton GA area

pool tech work canton gaYou may have heard of Atlanta Pool Inspection from your neighbors in Canton GA or from your realtor because our pool inspector is a favorite to many. There is a good chance you have passed our inspector, unaware, when traveling down Interstate 575, Riverstone Parkway, Buffs Parkway, and across Marietta Rd, E Main St, and Knox Bridge Highway. To schedule the Canton GA premier pool inspection expert, call Atlanta Pool Inspection at (470) 380-3245.

In Canton GA and the entire surrounding area, there are many homes in beautiful neighborhoods that have unique, lovely pools, such as in Brannon Estates, Governors Preserve, Lake Sovereign, Old Liberty Woods, Carmichael Farms, Little River Farms, Breeze Hill, Shiloh Ridge, Autumn Brook, Great Sky, Red Gate Lakes, and Rose Ridge. Before the sale of a property is completed, an expert pool inspector of custom pools can provide assurance that the pool system is operating properly and is in good condition. If there are any deficiencies, they are noted in a pool inspection report that will allow potential buyers to become familiar with the repairs that are needed before purchasing the home.

Canton GA is in Cherokee County and has a population of about 23,000. There has been a great deal of growth in Canton, considering that there were 3,500 people in the city in the year 2000. Celebrity Josh Holloway, who played James “Sawyer” from the television series Lost, attended Cherokee High School in Canton. There was a time when Canton was famous all over the world for its “Canton Denim,” high quality denim produced at Canton Cotton Mills.

Expert Pool Inspection & Detailed Report

pool techs near canton gaThe value of any home is increased when it has a pool. A favorite amenity, a pool provides a great setting for sharing memories with family and friends as well as for simply enjoying the exercise of swimming. The wonderful experience of having a pool can be dampened if there are costly, unwanted surprises. For a home buyer, the best way to avoid unexpected pool costs is to have the pool inspected prior to purchase so that issues can be resolved prior to closing. Afterward, proper operation and upkeep can help keep a pool in good working order.

Prior to purchasing a home that has a pool in the Canton GA area, contact Atlanta Pool Inspection. Our fully qualified pool inspector is, however, typically contacted for an on-site pool inspection by the homeowner, the realtor, or the home inspector. During the pool inspection, an assessment is made of each aspect of the pool and its current condition. An inspection includes decking, attached spas, and equipment and automation associated with the pool.

What does a general pool inspection involve? A complete walk-around of the entire pool is done, along with testing of all equipment. The systematic testing that is done by our pool inspector involves inspection of drains, chemical and salt levels, spa blowers, loose fittings, safety risks, timers, electrical or plumbing problems, leaking or broken pipes, coping, gates, pool lights, pool tile, pool controls, decks, enclosures, heaters, filters, the pool interior (plaster, vinyl, or pebble liner surfaces) and many other components that might be part of your custom pool system. After the inspection by the pool inspector has been completed, a written pool inspection report is prepared and delivered to authorized parties. Findings will reflect any problems, such as broken equipment or wear and tear, many of which aren’t obvious during a simple walk-through of the area around the pool. We monetize the issues, and we gladly provide referrals and advice to homeowners, upon request.

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Un-Biased Pool Inspection in the Canton GA area

With Atlanta Pool Inspection, you can be confident that the local pool inspector is providing a non-biased service. The only issues our pool inspector is concerned with are accurately assessing the pool’s condition and preparing a detailed report so that homeowners will know what needs repair prior to purchasing a home. Atlanta Pool Inspection does not offer pool repair services. Some companies advertising as pool inspectors tend to offer services for pool repair in addition to an inspection, which is a conflict of interest and is known as upselling. With Atlanta Pool Inspection, the comprehensive report on the equipment associated with the pool’s operation as well as the complete pool system is reliable. Our goal is to provide an independent pool inspection performed by an experienced professional. Potential buyers should learn everything they can about a home and pool before purchase, so that there are no surprise expenses for repairs. Dependable pool inspections provided by our pool inspector give homebuyers peace of mind.

Have Your Realtor or Home Inspector Call Atlanta Pool Inspection

At Atlanta Pool Inspection, we truly enjoy working with Canton GA real estate agents, helping to facilitate smooth home sales transactions. Inspection by a pool inspector is as important for a home with a pool or spa as a home inspection is in the process of any home sale. For a dependable assessment, a pool expert must perform the inspection. Pool systems can be complex and unique, and an experienced eye is of great benefit. Canton GA home inspectors frequently refer their clients to Atlanta Pool Inspection.

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