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Stone Mountain GA Trusted Pool Inspection

Stone Mountain GA Area Local Pool Inspector

Stone Mountain Ga Pool workAtlanta Pool Inspection is a highly trusted company that works with many realtors & home inspectors in the Stone Mountain GA area and DeKalb County. Situated next to Stone Mountain Park, this small town is residence to many lovely homes with pools. When it comes time to purchase one of these houses, call Atlanta Pool Inspection for a thorough inspection & detailed report regarding the condition of a pool and related equipment. Call our pro pool inspector today to find out how to schedule an on-site pool inspection at (470) 380-3245.

Buyers looking for potential real estate should always know the condition and state of the pool system that accompanies a house. Our expert pool inspectors can provide a top to bottom inspection of the pool, its equipment, and the area surrounding the swimming pool to ensure it is in working order, safe, and operating properly. Each inspection includes a detailed report to inform potential buyers what repairs should be completed before buying a property.

About Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain GA – Formerly a granite quarry and current home to the Yellow Daisy Arts & Crafts Festival, Stone Mountain has nearly 6,000 people residing in the city. In the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, Stone Mountain held the tennis, archery, and track cycling tournaments. Residents in Stone Mountain GA have most likely crossed paths with our Atlanta pool inspector. Traveling along RT 10, Memorial Drive, down Main Street, across W Mountain St, around The Lakes at Stone Mountain and by Randolph Medlock Park, our professional pool inspector visits custom pools around Stone Mountain.

Professional Pool Inspection & Detailed Report

pool tech working stone mountain gaA swimming pool is a highly coveted house feature in Georgia and is popular with people of all ages. A pool is meant to provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment but does come with regular maintenance and repair requirements. If a pool system fails, homeowners cannot enjoy their pool properly. Our fully qualified, experienced pool inspector can ensure that the next house you buy has a pool that is functioning correctly and will provide you hours of uninterrupted entertainment. If you are getting ready to purchase a home with a pool, give Atlanta Pool Inspection a call before committing to a contract.

Realtors & general home inspectors often call in independent pool experts to visit properties for an on-site pool inspection during a pending sale. Our inspector will conduct an assessment of all aspects of a pool’s condition, including equipment, pool liner, decking, attached spas, cleaning systems and more. Walking around the entire pool, our inspector will test all of the equipment as part of the general inspection. Our thorough inspections include all pool areas, including heaters, enclosures, filters, the pool interior (whether vinyl, plaster, or pebble surfaces), decks, pool tile, pool lights, coping, leaking or broken pipes, gates, electrical or plumbing problems, loose fittings, safety risks, spa blowers, drains, timers, chemical and salt levels, and more.

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Stone Mountain GA – Unbiased Pool Inspections

Our independent pool inspection program ensures that a homeowner gets an unbiased service. Because Atlanta Pool Inspection does not offer repair services, we will not pressure homeowners into expensive repairs just for our own benefit. The only concern our pool inspector has is to accurately access a pool’s condition. Our comprehensive report will reflect the condition of the pool and any recommended or necessary maintenance and repair requirements that should be addressed before the house is sold. There is no conflict of interest that will leave potential homeowners wondering whether or not service is really necessary. Atlanta Pool Inspection serves Stone Mountain GA and provides reliable, non-biased pool inspection services for home buyers in DeKalb County GA.

Coordinates with Realtors & Home Inspectors

We are committed to keeping the home sales transaction smooth so we gladly coordinate with real estate agents and general home inspection companies to provide quick and accurate pool inspections. Anyone interested in purchasing a home with a pool should know everything there is to know about the condition of the house, the property, and the swimming pool or spa. It is not uncommon for us to receive urgent requests for a pool inspection service from a swimming pool expert and we are happy to oblige. As many issues won’t be noticed with a simple walk-through of the pool area, it makes sense to hire an expert who understands the importance of a thorough report. If you are looking to purchase a home in Stone Mountain GA, have your realtor or home inspector give Atlanta Pool Inspection a call for DeKalb County Pool Inspection Services.

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