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trusted pool inspection loganville gaYou may have found us at Atlanta Pool Inspection because of a referral from your realtor or a neighbor because our pool inspector is a favorite in the Loganville GA area. You may have even unknowingly been traveling Tommy Lee Fuller Rd, Conyers Rd, Lee Byrd Rd, Bay Creek Rd or the Atlanta Hwy at the same time as our pool inspector, without even realizing it. For the premier pool inspector among homeowners in the Loganville GA area, give us a call at Atlanta Pool Inspection at (470) 380-3245.

Among the many verdant neighborhoods in and around Loganville GA with beautiful custom pools are Bay Creek, Cedar Brook Estates, McCullers Acres, Haynes Creek, Cevera Lakes, Indian Shoals, Tiffany Cove, Sandy Creek Cove, Richmond Place, and Laurelmist. A pool is often a homeowner’s entertainment mecca as well as a favorite place for family members to gather for fun and exercise. The enjoyment can be spoiled, however, when unexpected problems occur. A new homebuyer with a pool can avoid the frustration of a pool system that suddenly requires major repairs by scheduling an expert pool inspection prior to closing on the home.

Loganville GA is located in both Walton County and Gwinnett County. The population is around 10,458. Loganville is the home of Jordan Pruitt, a famous singer; and Bobby Byrd, a singer in James Brown’s band. Beautiful Vines Botanical Gardens is located in Loganville.

Expert Pool Inspection & Detailed Report

pool technician near loganville gaA pool has practical and personal benefits. A home’s value is increased if it is complete with a pool, and families typically enjoy making many poolside memories with friends and loved ones. By contacting us at Atlanta Pool Inspection to schedule an expert pool inspection before closing on a new home, you can be sure to avoid the unpleasantness of unexpected problems with your pool system.

A pool inspection to determine the current condition of a pool is typically scheduled by the homeowner, home inspector, or realtor. Attached spas, decking, and pool equipment and automation are part of the inspection. A complete walk-around of the pool area is done, and pool equipment is tested. When our fully qualified pool inspector handles your pool inspection, every component is examined and/or tested, including decks, pool controls, plumbing, electrical issues, pool lights, gates, pool tile, the pool interior (vinyl, plaster, or pebble surfaces), pipes, coping, heaters, drains, filters, safety risks, enclosures, spa blowers, salt and chemical levels, timers, and loose filters.

After a pool inspection is completed, a detailed written report is prepared and delivered to authorized parties. Electrical problems and excessive wear and tear are the types of issues that may be reflected in the report. Many of the problems discovered in an inspection can’t be detected with merely a walk-through. Every problem issue is monetized, so that homeowners and homebuyers can see expected repair costs. Upon request, we provide pool repair referrals and advice.

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Un-Biased Pool Inspection in the Loganville GA area

We are non-biased and fair to all parties at Atlanta Pool Inspection. In his service inspecting Loganville GA pools, our pool inspector provides an accurate assessment. The detailed written report that’s provided includes any deficiencies. We don’t offer any major pool repairs because this is a conflict of interest and could be considered upselling. Sellers and homebuyers can be confident that pool inspection reports from Atlanta Pool Inspection provide an un-biased and thorough evaluation of a pool system’s current condition. Any problems that might be discovered are monetized, so that all parties involved can quickly see a rough estimate of the associated costs of needed repairs.

Have Your Realtor or Home Inspector Call Atlanta Pool Inspection

Our fair and unbiased pool inspection services may be one reason so many home inspectors routinely refer clients to Atlanta Pool Inspection. We are also aware of a common procedure during a due-diligence period in which a pool inspection is requested late in the process of finalizing negotiations in a home sale. Our schedule often has room for these situations, since they are expected occurrences. We enjoy being part of the process of accommodating stress-free home closings. Buying a home is always a big step, and it’s important for homebuyers to first have the assurance that a pool system is in good working order. Every custom pool has unique and sometimes complex features, and that’s perhaps a primary reason so many in the housing industry often refer their clients to Atlanta Pool Inspection.

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