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Pool Inspector Serving Decatur GA

Your Local Pool Inspector in the Decatur GA area

Decatur GA pool expertsYour realtor or neighbors in Decatur GA may have mentioned that their favorite pool inspector is at Atlanta Pool Inspection. Chances are, you have seen our pool inspector traveling across W College Ave, Scott Blvd, Ponce de Leon Ave, Oakview Rd, and through Lenox Place, Oakhurst, Winnona Park, and College Heights without even knowing it! Choose the premier pool inspection expert in the Decatur GA Area – Call Atlanta Pool Inspection at (470) 380-3245.

Decatur GA has many luxurious neighborhoods and homes with custom pools, including Ashwood Glen, Columbia Valley, Dunhill Acres, Clairmont Estates, Glenco Manor, Druid Walk, Emerald Estates, Ambassador Park, Green Acres, Storybook Acres, Habersham Hills, and Watermark. Before sale of any of these properties with pools, expert pool inspection is needed. Our expert pool inspector makes note of any deficiencies with the pool system and includes them on a pool inspection report. Any pool repairs needed should be made before purchasing a home.

Decatur GA is the county seat in DeKalb County, and the population is about 19,850. The city is considered to be an in-town suburb of Atlanta and part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Decatur was named for Stephen Decatur, a naval hero. The headquarters for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is near Decatur.

Expert Pool Inspection & Detailed Report

reliable pool service in Decatur GAHome buyers are often glad to find a home for sale in Decatur that is complete with a pool. They are truly favorite amenities in a home, and pools consistently increase home value. The pure enjoyment of a pool is perhaps the top benefit, but the fun can be spoiled when unexpected problems arise. To avoid regret and the ill-timed need for pool repairs, contact our fully qualified pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection.

The homeowner, realtor, or home inspector typically arranges an on-site pool inspection to be performed by our experienced pool inspector. The current condition of the pool is fully assessed. Equipment and automation associated with the pool along with decking and attached spas are included in the inspection.

In addition to a complete walk-around of the pool area, all equipment is tested during a general pool inspection. The systematic inspection includes checking decks, pool tile, the pool interior, heaters, filters, enclosures, pipes that may be broken or leaking, pool lights, coping, gates, electrical components, plumbing, loose fittings, safety risks, spa blowers, timers, chemical and salt levels, drains, and many other possible components that could be part of your unique pool system.

A written pool inspection report is prepared and delivered to all authorized parties, after the inspection has been completed. Findings may include such things as broken equipment or excessive wear and tear. Many of the issues that are identified in a pool inspection are not obvious during a casual walk-through. Our pool inspector also monetizes each issue. When requested, homeowners are provided with helpful referrals and advice.

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Un-Biased Pool Inspection in the Decatur GA area

Perhaps one of the reasons we have established relationships with many of the best realtors and home inspectors in the Decatur area is because at Atlanta Pool Inspection, we provide non-biased pool inspections. The only matters our pool inspectors are concerned with are accurately assessing the pool’s condition and providing a detailed report that identifies issues that need attention. Others may offer both inspections and repairs, but this is considered a conflict of interest; and any reports of needed repairs could be a form of upselling. Our goal is to provide a reliable pool inspection that identifies all problems associated with a pool system. Our service benefits potential home buyers, who can avoid the expense of dealing with a problematic pool after purchasing their new home. Our non-biased pool inspections provide home buyers with peace of mind.

Have Your Realtor or Home Inspector Call Atlanta Pool Inspection

We enjoy working with real estate agents local to the Decatur area because we have a hand in helping smooth home sales transactions. It is of great benefit to a home buyer to know everything possible about a home before purchasing it. While a home inspection is routine, many people mistakenly think a pool inspection is included. It is not unusual at all for us to get urgent calls for last-minute scheduling of a pool inspector before final closing on a home. With a reliable assessment of a pool system from our pool inspector, all problematic issues can be discovered and dealt with prior to closing a real estate deal on a property. Many Decatur area home inspectors regularly refer their clients to Atlanta Pool Inspection.

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