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Expert Pool Inspection near Marietta GA

Your Local Pool Inspector in the Marietta GA area

Marietta GA pool tech maintenanceYour realtor or a neighbor may have told you about our pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection, considering that we have a high referral rate. Without even knowing it, you may have even passed our in-demand pool inspector when traveling Cobb Parkway, North Marietta Parkway, Roswell St, Fairground St, Kennesaw Ave, Polk St and more. When you’re ready to schedule an on-site visit from the premier pool inspection expert in the Marietta GA area, Call Atlanta Pool Inspection at (470) 380-3245.

Marietta GA is replete with luxurious neighborhoods and amazing custom pools, including such residential areas as Ashmore Hall, Avignon, Greymont, Hembree Heights, Karsans Place, Lake Fjord, Lassiter Walk, Oakton Pond, Wynthrop Manor, Bennetts Point, Blake Ford, Cherry Tree, Collinwood, Charrington, Columns, Salisbury Place, and Wynmont. Pools provide many advantages, including plenty of opportunities to make fond memories with friends and family. It’s important for buyers to make sure a pool system is in good working condition before purchase. Without an expert pool inspection, homebuyers can end up with an unpleasant pool experience.

Marietta GA is located in central Cobb County, and the population is about 55,579. Many people say Marietta was named for the spouse of superior court judge and U.S. Senator Judge Thomas Willis Cobb, Mary Cobb, but the origin of the name is mostly uncertain. Marietta is home to Jeff Small, who is the President and CEO of Dreamworks. The top employer for the city is Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, and they employ approximately 7,000 people.

Expert Pool Inspection & Detailed Report

detailed pool maintenance in Marietta GAA pool is a great asset, raising a home’s value, in addition to accommodating healthy exercise and fun activities. As enjoyable as a pool can be, however, the good times can be disrupted if unexpected repairs are suddenly needed. For a new homeowner, it’s possible to guard against the need for such repair costs by having the pool inspected prior to purchase.

Our expert pool inspector is typically scheduled for an on-site pool inspection by the home inspector, realtor, or homeowner. A pool’s current condition is assessed by an expert during a pool inspection. The pool equipment and automation, attached spas, and decking are all included in an inspection.

In addition to a walk-around of the entire pool area, testing is done of all pool equipment. Every component of the pool is systematically checked by our fully qualified pool inspector, including the pool interior, pipes, coping, pool lights, gates, plumbing, electrical components, decks, pool tile, pool controls, filters, drains, heaters, safety risks, enclosures, chemical and salt levels, spa blowers, timers, loose filters, and many other components that could be part of your custom pool system.

A detailed pool inspection report is completed after the pool inspector has completed the inspection. All deficiencies are detailed, such as broken pipes or defective drains. The issues are monetized, making it easy for interested parties to see at a glance what the estimated repair costs are. Upon request, we provide referrals and advice.

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Un-Biased Pool Inspection in the Marietta GA area

We provide non-biased service at Atlanta Pool Inspection. Our pool inspector provides an accurate assessment of a pool’s condition and a detailed report of any problems that are discovered. Unlike other companies that say they are inspectors and offer major pool repairs, we don’t have a conflict of interest and you don’t have to worry about upselling. The fair service we offer is a benefit to homebuyers and sellers alike.

Have Your Realtor or Home Inspector Call Atlanta Pool Inspection

It is truly a pleasure for us to provide dependable pool inspections and help accommodate stress-free home sale transactions. We’ve become accustomed to the last-minute rush to have a pool inspected during due-diligence periods. For this reason, we try to keep our schedule open for urgent pool inspection requests. This all occurs because many homeowners haven’t realized that a home inspection does not include an expert pool inspection. To ensure that a pool system is operating properly before passing a home on to a buyer, an expert pool inspection is important. Custom pools often have complex systems, and many home inspectors routinely refer their clients to our expert home inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection.

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