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Your Local Pool Inspector in the Norcross GA area

Norcross GA expert pool techsOur pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection has many referrals in the Norcross GA area, which is why you may have heard about us from your realtor or neighbors. When traveling on Buford Hwy, Peachtree St, Mitchell Rd, N Norcross Tucker Rd, or Beaver Ruin Rd, it’s also possible you’ve passed near our pool inspector without realizing it. For the premier pool inspector in the Norcross GA area, call us at Atlanta Pool Inspection (470) 380-3245.

Norcross GA has numerous lush neighborhoods with unique custom pools, including such subdivisions as Neely Farm, North River Crossing, Reserve at East Jones Bridge, Spalding Park Place, River Station, Peachtree Station, Amberfield, Highcroft, Revington, and Riverfield. Before the sale of a property, an expert pool inspection of custom pools is required. The pool inspection report prepared after inspection includes any deficiencies with the pool system. This helps potential buyers by familiarizing them with needed repairs before purchase of the home.

Norcross GA is in Gwinnett County, and it’s the county’s second oldest city. The population of Norcross is approximately 9,116. The city was named after Jonathan Norcross, who was Atlanta’s fourth mayor and was dubbed the “Father of Atlanta.” The headquarters of Waffle House is near Norcross in a portion of Gwinnett County.

Expert Pool Inspection and Detailed Report

full service pool repairs by Norcross GASwimming pools are a favorite amenity for many reasons. They help to improve a home’s value but they also contribute the enjoyment a family can have in their own backyard. To prevent the need for unexpected major pool repairs, homebuyers should always make sure a pool has been inspected by an expert prior to purchase. Call us at Atlanta Pool Inspection so that our fully qualified pool inspector can conduct an expert on-site inspection.

The people who usually arrange for an expert pool inspector in Norcross GA are the homeowner, the home inspector, or the realtor. Decking, equipment and automation, and attached spas are included in a pool inspection.

In addition to a complete walk-around of the pool area, pool equipment is tested in a general pool inspection. A systematic inspection of all pool components is conducted by our expert pool inspector. The components of a pool include drains, timers, salt and chemical levels, spa blowers, loose fittings, the pool interior, enclosures, filters, heaters, decks, electrical components, pool controls, pool tile, pipes, coping, gates, pool lights, plumbing and more; and all are checked in a pool inspection.

When the pool inspection is completed, a written pool report is prepared by our pool inspector and delivered to authorized parties. The findings in the pool report may include such things as electrical problems and broken equipment, any of which may not be apparent during a simple walk-through of the pool area. Each deficiency is monetized, so that sellers and homebuyers alike can quickly see how expensive needed repairs will likely be. When requested, we provide advice and referrals.

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Un-Biased Pool Inspection in the Norcross GA area

The services we offer at Atlanta Pool Inspection are completely non-biased. The pool inspector has two tasks: First, conduct a thorough pool inspection and, second, prepare a report that details the findings. Other companies that provide both inspection services and major pool repairs have a conflict of interest and can engage in upselling. We believe one of the reasons we have frequent referrals from home inspectors, realtors, and homeowners is because of our fair, un-biased services, which can provide peace of mind to all parties involved in a home sale.

Have Your Realtor or Home Inspector Call Atlanta Pool Inspection

At Atlanta Pool Inspection, we sincerely enjoy the part we play in smoothing the process of home sales. As it often happens, we are called upon during due diligence periods, when homeowners realize they’ve scheduled a home inspection but not a pool inspection. Buyers should always know as much as possible about a home before buying. It’s important to have a pool expert conduct an inspection and evaluation, to gain an accurate assessment of a pool’s current condition. Home inspectors in the Norcross GA area routinely refer their clients to our expert pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection.

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