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Pool Inspector for Snellville GA

snellville ga pool repair tech workAtlanta Pool Inspection is a highly respected and trusted company that works with homeowners, realtors and home inspectors in the Snellville, GA area located within Gwinnett County. Within Snellville, many residences come with pools. When considering whether to purchase one of these homes, call Atlanta Pool Inspection to provide an accurate and thorough inspection regarding the condition of the pool as well as any related equipment. Our expert inspectors will fully examine the pool and related equipment as well as the surrounding area to ensure everything is in operating order and safe. Each inspection includes a detailed report to inform potential buyers as to exactly what repairs should be completed before buying the home. Contact Atlanta Pool Inspection to schedule an on-site pool inspection at (470) 380-3245.

 About Snellville

Snellville GA – With roots stretching back to 19th century London, Snellville, located in Gwinnett County, has a population of nearly 20,000 people living in the city limits. The annual event, Snellville Days, is a must visit experience with events catering to the entire family. Traveling along U.S. Route 78 and Georgia Route 124, to Pinehurst Road or Lenora Church Road, and along Skyland Drive, our professional pool inspectors visit custom pools throughout Snellville.

Thorough Pool Inspection Includes a Detailed Report

pool servicing near snellville gaA swimming pool is a “hot” commodity, especially in the hot southern summers. Not only does a swimming pool cool you down, it can provide a gathering place for families to enjoy together. However, a pool does come with regular maintenance and potential repairs should the pool system falter. This is something to consider when deciding to buy a house with a pool. Give Atlanta Pool Inspection a call so we can send out a highly qualified and experienced pool inspector which can ensure that that the pool is functioning properly, before you commit to a real estate contract. Once this inspection is carried out, you can rest easy knowing that the pool will provide you with hours of entertainment and not headache.

Realtors and general home inspectors will often call in independent pool experts from Atlanta Pool Inspections to visit residences during a pending sale to perform an on-site pool inspection. Once on location, our inspector will conduct a thorough assessment of all aspects of the pool itself as well as related equipment. These extremely detailed inspections include chemical and salt levels of the water, filters, heaters, pool interiors (whether pebble, plaster, or vinyl surfaces), pool lights, pipes, electrical or plumbing issues, drains, timers, and more. Once the inspections are performed, all of this information is laid out in a report that can be sent to all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

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Unbiased Pool Inspection Service

Atlanta Pool Inspection serves Snellville, GA to provide reliable pool inspection services. Our company is unique in that we do not perform repairs. Therefore, there is no conflict of interest in using our company to get a truly unbiased inspection and report on the condition of your pool. Some companies use an inspection to their own benefit as a way to pressure homeowners into expensive repairs. Our report will indicate the condition of the pool and provide any problem areas, what were potential causes to these problems, and general costs associated with correcting any issues.

Works with Snellville Realtors & Home Inspectors

We are committed to assisting the real estate transaction run smoothly and will happily coordinate with real estate agents, home inspectors and home buyers to perform quick and reliable pool inspections, even during time sensitive home transactions. Any potential home buy should know not only everything about the house and property but the pool as well. Atlanta Pool Inspection will re-work our schedule to make sure to cater to your unique needs and are happy to assist. It makes sense to hire experts that understand the importance of a thorough walk-through and detailed report. If you are considering a home in Snellville, GA, have your home inspector or realtor give Atlanta Pool Inspection a call.

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