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Atlanta Pool Inspector for New Home BuyersChoose the premier pool inspection experts for local professional pool inspections in the Atlanta GA Area – Call Atlanta Pool Inspection at (470) 380-3245.

Pool Inspection for Atlanta Home Buyers

Your pool can be where you make some of your best memories, whether spending time with family, friends, or floating by yourself and enjoying a lazy, peaceful afternoon.  A well-made, well-maintained pool can bring you endless hours of joy.  But in some cases, a pool can take your time, money, and memories, and wash them down the drain.

Many home buyers assume that a home inspector is trained to inspect pools as well houses, but that’s rarely true.  The truth is that most home inspection reports include a disclaimer covering the pool, protecting the inspector in case an error is made during your pool inspection.  At Atlanta Pool Inspection, our certified pool inspectors are trained to dive deeper to evaluate your pool’s complex equipment to make sure from the moment you close on your house, your pool is open for your enjoyment.

Pro Pool Inspections in AtlantaProfessional Non-bias Pool Inspections

Pools involve complex plumbing and electrical equipment and must comply with Atlanta and Georgia’s safety laws.  Our professional pool inspector will thoroughly check the equipment to make sure it runs, there are no visible leaks, and the drains, lights, pumps, and even the surrounding area comply with Georgia law, so that your pool is not only relaxing but safe for everyone.  We can inspect your pool on the same day as your home inspection and provide you with an itemized report including any action items, prioritized repairs, and recommendations.

Call Atlanta Pool inspection today and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced pool inspectors to talk about your pool.  Some specialize in bricks, some specialize in wood, but we specialize in making sure your pool is safe, functional, and ready for your new home.  Let us help you start make your best memories today.