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stone mountain ga pool inspection

Fair Pricing for Your Pool Inspection from a Pool Professional

We charge $225 for an inspection and payment is due prior to inspection.

We accept all major credit cards as payment.

This professional inspection done by a pool system expert is well worth it for anyone who is purchasing a new home with a pool or spa. Since many problems can go undetected by your home inspection or a visual walk through when you are viewing the property, it is strongly advised to have Atlanta Pool Inspection perform an on-site inspection and prepare a written report prior to closing.

The piece of mind that comes from knowing that your pool is in good working order, or even from knowing in advance if there are areas that should be addressed is well worth the investment.

If you would like more information or to Schedule a Pool Inspection please fill out this online form or call us directly at (470) 380-3245. It may be more convenient simply to ask your realtor or home inspector to arrange to have a Pool Inspection done on the property that you will be purchasing.

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We pride ourselves on the following prioritized service dimensions:

Scheduling a pool inspection from the perspective of the realtor or buyer can be tricky and sometimes even embarrassing. Once a contract on the home has been signed, the due-diligence period starts. By the time folks realize that most home inspection companies don’t inspect swimming pools, they now get to scramble to find someone. The time that we have to line this up is normally extremely short, especially if the homeowner still lives in the home and our time is expected to be coincided with the home inspector. Don’t worry, we are expecting to re-work our schedule to make a smooth fit here. It’s normal to schedule an appointment for the next business day. In rare cases, we get calls for same day service. We can’t guarantee this, but feel free to still call and see.

Fair to both parties:
Sometimes, items come up that can put the inspector in a precarious position. We have our reputation on the line for your deal, and for the many others that yours’ will then be a history of. Half of our business is repeat realtors and they want an honest opinion on what’s going on with the pool. They don’t want an opinion to tear the entire pool out and start over for a small $500 repair.

We point out to the best of our ability the following:

• The problem areas

• What most likely caused these problems

• General cost associated in correcting the problems

In my opinion, this is the most beneficial piece. Once a monetary figure can be placed on the problem, folks can choose to make it a negotiable item or not.

We don't perform repairs:
We as a company don’t perform heavy-duty repairs. Some companies consider this as an extra profit-center. In order to be fair across the board, we don’t want to seem like we are up-selling for profit here if something doesn’t really need to be addressed. For comfort-sake, we do recommend reasonable companies that specialize in these types of solutions.

We charge $225 for an inspection. We only accept credit cards for payment, MC or VS. Once this is captured, we run the card for $1.00 to verify we’ve captured the information correctly. Once the report has been emailed to the client, the remaining $199 will be taken.