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Professional Pool Inspection near Kennesaw GA

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pool work near Kennesaw GA Did you hear about our pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection from homeowners or a realtor in Kennesaw GA? Many have been spreading the word because of our reliable pool inspection services. You may have passed our inspector unawares while traveling Moon Station Rd, Cherokee St, Jiles Rd, Big Shanty Dr, Main Street, and through the communities of Deerfield and SummerBrooke. For a premier pool inspector, call Atlanta Pool Inspection at (470) 380-3245.

In and around Kennesaw GA, there are many homes in lush neighborhoods that have lovely custom pools, including such residential areas as Barrett Greene, Carriage Gates, Hickory Springs, Pinetree Country Club, Orchard Hills West, The Park at Kirk Farms, Woodbridge at Hamilton Lake, Brigade Estates, Edgeboro Park, Ferguson Manor, Freys Farm, Legacy Park, Paper Chase Farms, and more. The beauty of having an expert pool inspector do a complete pool inspection before purchasing property is that a potential buyer gains assurance that the pool system is in good operating condition. A pool report is prepared that details any problems with the pool, so that all parties concerned are aware of needed repairs.

Kennesaw GA is in Cobb County and has a population of about 29,783. Kennesaw Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park are southeast of the city, and the summit is the highest point in the Atlanta metro area. The city was named for the mountain. “Kennesaw” is derived from the Cherokee Indian word “gah-nee-sah,” meaning burial ground or cemetery. Kennesaw State University is situated east of the city limits.

Expert Pool Inspection & Detailed Report

pool pipe maintenance Kennesaw GAA pool is generally considered a wonderful asset and not just because the value of a home is increased with a pool in the backyard. There are many fond poolside memories that are typically created among friends and family. The joy of a pool can become a frustration, however, if major unexpected problems arise. This is why home buyers should always ensure that an expert home inspector has thoroughly tested all pool equipment prior to closing on a home. If any problem areas are discovered, our pool inspector attempts to determine the most likely cause as well as general costs that will likely be associated with making needed repairs.

The homeowners, realtor, or home inspector usually schedules an on-site pool inspection by our expert pool inspector. An assessment is made of all aspects of the pool, including attached spas, decking, and all pool automation and pool equipment.

One component of a general pool inspection is a complete walk around of the entire pool area, but testing of equipment is also done. The systematic testing performed by our pool inspector includes inspection of the pool interior, filters, heaters, enclosures, decks, pool controls, pool tile, pool lights, gates, coping, broken or leaking pipes, plumbing or electrical problems, timers, safety risks, loose fittings, spa blowers, salt and chemical levels, drains, and any other components associated with the pool. A written pool inspection report is prepared and delivered to authorized parties after the completion of the inspection. The findings reflected in the report will include any deficiencies in the equipment, such as broken pipes, electrical problems, defective drains, and other potential issues. Many of the existing problems are not obvious with a simple walk-through of the pool area. Our pool inspector also monetizes the issues so that potential costs can quickly be seen, for purposes of a home closing. Upon request, referrals for pool repair services are made and advice for homeowners is provided.

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Un-Biased Pool Inspection in the Kennesaw GA area

You are assured of non-biased results when you schedule a pool inspection with Atlanta Pool Inspection. Our pool inspector focuses on two things, which are: One, provide an expert pool inspection; and, two, prepare a detailed report regarding the current condition of the pool and send it to all authorized parties. Other so-called “pool inspectors” also offer major pool repairs, which is a conflict of interest and sometimes devious strategy for upselling. This is not the thing you need to be concerned about with a professional pool inspector scheduled with Atlanta Pool Inspection. This non-biased approach is probably one of the reasons so many homeowners and realtors in the Kennesaw area recommend our pool inspection services.

Have Your Realtor or Home Inspector Call Atlanta Pool Inspection

We are happy with our part in helping home sales go smoothly in Kennesaw GA. By providing reliable pool inspections, often on a rush basis, we help all parties involved come to a satisfactory agreement for changing the ownership of a home. Many people overlook the step of calling a pool inspector because of a misunderstanding about the services performed in a home inspection. An expert is needed to conduct an evaluation of the pool. Homebuyers benefit in many ways from ensuring that a pool inspection is done, not the least of which is peace of mind that the pool system is in good condition or will be repaired before purchase. Home inspectors in Kennesaw GA frequently refer their clients to our pool inspector at Atlanta Pool Inspection.

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