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Pool School – An Extra Benefit from Choosing Atlanta Pool Inspection


Pool School is a special bonus brought to you by our local friends who are real estate agents or home inspectors. These professionals know that educating a new homeowner about their pool and how everything works is invaluable. But this on-site instruction doesn’t cost extra! It is a courtesy offered to help homeowners avoid problems in the future by learning about the features and functions of the entire pool system.



This important teaching takes less than two hours of the homeowners time and is well worth it. Once Atlanta Pool Inspection has finished the pool inspection report and the new buyers have moved into their home the “Pool School” can be scheduled. Homeowners simply call Atlanta Pool Inspection and plan a convenient time to review the “ins and outs” of their specific pool. You may want to have the whole family present or just one of the owners can learn what is needed to share with the other residents.

Perhaps they have never had a pool, or their prior pool was very different from their new one. This short lesson is perfect for both newbies and pool owner pros alike. Every pool is distinct and has it’s own set of maintenance, care and operational functions to get acquainted with. During the session, pool (and/or spa) owners learn how their pool works, how to keep the pool clean and how to test and balance the water.

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